Membership Information

What Parent Club Membership Is All About

AKC describes a Parent Club's responsibilities on their Web Site ( under the heading AKC National Breed Clubs: "Every breed recognized by the AKC has a national specialty club that was formed just for that breed. This national "parent" club is responsible for the preservation, protection and welfare of that particular breed. Parent clubs (called parent because many breeds have regional specialty clubs which come under the umbrella of the "parent" club) are responsible for the breed standard (a written description of the ideal dog of that breed), the education of breed owners on the nuances of the breed, and overseeing the breed's health and welfare."

Therefore, the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc., which is the AKC Parent Club, and its Members take membership in this Club very seriously. The Club offers two types of membership to individuals, both of which require sponsorship by two current Regular Members and a vote of acceptance by a majority of the Board of Directors. From the Bylaws: "Applicants for membership (except clubs) are required to join as Associate Members. After a period of one year as an Associate Member, they may apply for Regular Membership status provided that they meet the requirements for Regular Membership. All applicants for membership, including Associate members wishing to become Regular members, must complete the application process as stated in Section 3."

The Club encourages all members to be active in the sport and as such encourages participation on the local level. Local Specialty Clubs are an excellent place for those new (and not so new) to the breed to gain more knowledge and experience. Please refer to the list of Local Specialty Breed Clubs under Club Contacts (National and Local) on this Web Site.

ACKCSC Membership Application Process

Please read this section completely to assist you in understanding the ACKCSC, Inc. application process and the length of time it might take to process and vote on these applications. While we make every effort to complete the process as efficiently as possible, it can take six months or longer for an application to go through the entire process and be voted upon by the Board of Directors.

  1. Your application is received and date stamped by the Membership Chairman, who then checks it for completeness. If any of the above referenced items are missing, your application will be returned, along with your check for dues.
  2. Your name and the names of your sponsors will be published in next quarterly edition of  The Royal Dispatch.Members have 30 days to send their comments, if any, to the Membership Committee.
  3. A copy of your application is then forwarded to the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will not contact you directly, but might contact one or both of your sponsors for verification and clarification of information you provided. This part of the process could take several weeks, depending on how many applications are in process at any given time.
  4. Once the Membership Committee reviews the applications, reviews and possibly investigates any comments submitted, they notify the Membership Committee Chair and the Corresponding Secretary of their findings.
  5. The Corresponding Secretary emails a copy of all applications to each Board Member prior to the preparation of the ballot.
  6. At the direction of the Membership Chairman, the Corresponding Secretary prepares a "secret" ballot which is mailed to the home of each Board Member for a vote.
  7. When the Corresponding Secretary receives all the ballots, the secret security envelopes are removed from the mailing envelopes. They are mixed up, opened and counted. When voting by mail, ALL ballots MUST be returned and a 2/3 favorable majority is required for election to membership.
  8. The Corresponding Secretary notifies the Officers and Board Members of the
  9. ballot results and sends a letter of acceptance or denial to each applicant.