American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Thursday, May 1, 2003 - Friday, May 2, 2003
Held at Holiday Inn Bensalem
Bensalem, PA

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All results reflect the dogs' current owners. 

      (220 Ent - 111d - 109b)
  Breed Winners
      Best of Breed or Variety CH Peakdowns Derby (D),  V Bailey
      Best of Opposite Sex CH Grantilley Emily Bronte (B),  R Bodden
      Best of Winners Rutherford Ingrid (B),  R Jones
      Winners Dog Sanickro Double Vision  C Carter
      Reserve Winner Dog Cavashon Water Spout  M Dymond/L Campbell
      Winners Bitch Rutherford Ingrid  R Jones
      Reserve Winner Bitch Taron Wystar Rodeo Queen  P Curry/V Collins
  Intersex Mrs. J M Montford
  Dogs Mrs. P D Carr (77d 5 pts)
    Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. Mrs. P D Carr
      1 Rattlebridge Jack O' Lantern  N Carlson
      2 Rattlebridge Son Of A Witch  M Johnson-Snyder/M VALENTINE/C Chandler
      3 Loranka's Octavian  A Cooper
      4 Cambridge Halfmoon Coppertop  L Elliott
    Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. Mrs. P D Carr
      1 Pinecrest Life Of The Party  B Lynch
      2 Christobelle Dancing Boy With Droleus  C UDVARHELYI
      3 Runaboutsir Francis Drake  G Wells/D Dame
      4 CH Block Island Champlins Marina  G Collins/R Parker
    12 - 18 Mos. Mrs. P D Carr
      1 Cavashon Water Spout  M Dymond/L Campbell RW
      2 Roycroft Trick Or Treat  R Mcleod
      3 Rattlebridge The Scholar  M Johnson-Snyder/A Snyder
      4 Choya Albertino  H Hashagen
    Novice Mrs. P D Carr
      1 Maramond Heart-Throb  M D'Este
      2 Gray Stone Roberto  D Petralia
    Bred By Exhibitor Mrs. P D Carr
      1 Roycroft Simply A Star  L Ziehm/B Ziehm
      2 Halfmoon Suppa Duppa  J Tremblay
      3 Hartwell O'Aces Bonfire  D Cleary/N Cush
      4 Maramond Chanticleer  T Williams
    American Bred Mrs. P D Carr
      1 Sheeba Special Aspect  J Gibson/O Gibson
      2 Winbury Virtuoso  J Bennett/L Stebbins
      3 Derbyrun Perfecta  H Pelto
    Open BT Mrs. P D Carr
      1 Taron Jack Of Clubs  J Casey/S Gamboni
      2 Hob Nob The Desperado  H Gibbs-Sykes
      3 Fair Oaks Jive Talkin  C Meager/C Carl
      4 Halfmoon Rough Rider  J Tremblay/E Mitchell
    Open TRI Mrs. P D Carr
      1 Sanickro Double Vision  C Carter W
      2 Sheryane Rutherford Jamieson  L Ronaldson
      3 Grantilley Bee Gee  R Bodden
      4 Maramond Double Trouble  M Guimond
    Open BLENHEIM Mrs. P D Carr
      1 Mikemar Apprentice  M Wolf
      2 Annatika Celebration  
      3 Sheeba Special Discovery  K Ostmann
      4 Choya Twister  C McNamara/e auguston
    Open RUBY Mrs. P D Carr
      1 Roxians Robert Parker Red  R Hayes
      2 Buraba Code Red  B Sterling
      3 Edenbrook Bit 'O Honey  M Nunez/J Eskelund
      4 Wystar Call Me Robins Son  P Curry/V Collins
  Bitches Mrs. J M Montford (95b 5 pts)
    Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. Mrs. J M Montford
      1 Rattlebridge Spring Song  M Johnson-Snyder/M VALENTINE
      2 Truluv Monet  L Nikaci/M Mulero
      3 Roycroft Made You Look  L Lang
      4 Sandi's Goodness Gracious  C Satnick
    Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. Mrs. J M Montford
      1 Rutherford Ingrid  R Jones BW, W
      2 Jovan Fly The Friendly Skies  C Lorditch
      3 Rattlebridge Black Lace  M Johnson-Snyder/R Stanton
      4 Truluv Summerstime  L Nikaci
    12 - 18 Mos. Mrs. J M Montford
      1 Peglen Gray Stone Moll Roone  D Petralia/P Grapp
      2 Sweet Lake Superstar Ann Margret  M Johnson-Snyder/M VALENTINE
      3 Wystar Angels All Around  V Collins/P Curry
      4 Wye Willow Ware  S Bell
    Bred By Exhibitor Mrs. J M Montford
      1 Pinecrest Awesome Blossom  T Eubank/M Eubank
      2 Kilbrook Edelweiss  J Opel
      3 Sheryane Rutherford Tina  R Jones
      4 Mayfield's Polly Wally Doodle  M Mayfield
    American Bred Mrs. J M Montford
      1 Rattlebridge Prada  M Johnson-Snyder/S Meyer
      2 Maramond's Torlundy Glory Be  L JACOBY
      3 Fair Oaks Simply Sinful  C Meager
      4 Twickenham Signature At Redthea  J Thaeder
    Open BT Mrs. J M Montford
      1 Taron Wystar Rodeo Queen  P Curry/V Collins RW
      2 Salador Cochine  B Sterling
      3 Starborn Dolly Darlin  D Heffner
    Open TRI Mrs. J M Montford
      1 Holyoke Iron Maiden  B Sterling
      2 Shenandoah Dresden  S Minetree
      3 Stonecroft Joy To Behold CD  E Selik Becker
      4 Allegria A Penny Earned  K Untch
    Open BLENHEIM Mrs. J M Montford
      1 Orchard Hill Where's The Party  E Venier/R Venier
      2 Quinderias Dramatique Detour  
      3 Quinderias Best Kept Secret  
      4 Pamedna Secret Love  C Lorditch
    Open RUBY Mrs. J M Montford
      1 CH Immenhof's Tearose  M Johnson-Snyder
      2 Bauernhof Sunflower Of Jovan  C Lorditch
      3 Taroncinnamon Twist  R Johnson-Olive/S Gamboni
      4 Stillmeadow Sweetbriar Rose  Y Morgan
  Non-Reg Veteran, Dogs Mrs. P D Carr
    Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO10 Mrs. P D Carr
      1 CH Stillmeadow Dream To Behold CD NA NAJ  E Becker
      2 Halfmoon Swashbuckler  
      3 CH Taron Robin Hood  S Gamboni
      4 CH Tarryon Indias Burma  L Clement
  Non-Reg Veteran, Bitches Mrs. J M Montford
    Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO10 Mrs. J M Montford
      1 CH Rutherford Nellie Bly  P Lasser/R Jones
      2 CH Block Island Wild Rose  L Cyr/J Gates
      3 CH Reba McIntyre  C Beauchamp/D Beauchamp