(251 Ent - 109d - 142b)
  Breed Winners
      Best of Breed or Variety CH Pinecrest Rock The Boat (D),  T Eubank/E Venier
      Best of Opposite Sex CH Orchard Hill Party Shoes (B),  E Venier/R Venier
      Best of Winners Cobalatino Romeo (D),  M Warme
      Winners Dog Cobalatino Romeo  M Warme
      Reserve Winner Dog Amerigo Blue Suede Shoes  V Simpson
      Reserve Winner Bitch Kilbrook Ivy Green  J Opel
  Intersex Mrs. D Fry
  Dogs Mrs. D Fry (70d 5 pts)
    Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. Mrs. D Fry
      1 Cobb's Grand Performance  L Cobb
      2 Rattlebridge Truth Or Dare  L Rogers/M Johnson-Snyder
      3 Truluv Kissalot  L Nikaci
      4 Kilbrook Kiefer  J Opel
    Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. Mrs. D Fry
      1 Sheeba Rondo Veneziano  B Ostmann
      2 Windham Wilson  H Hashagen/P McCauley
      3 Ceja's Pace Setter  I Cahn/M Treacy
      4 Enduring Deal Or No Deal At Cm  S Hesse
    12 - 18 Mos. Mrs. D Fry
      1 Woftam Master Philanderer  R Bruns/C Yoder
      2 Shenandoah Drambuie  S Minetree
      3 Berkeley's Broadway Serenade  G Schroeder
      4 Burbrook Ticket To Win  K Murray
    Novice Mrs. D Fry
      1 Shenandoah Travis  S Minetree
    Bred By Exhibitor Mrs. D Fry
      1 Nottinghill Quintessential  T Beebower/G Beebower
      2 Bluetide Love Potion  K Robbins
      3 Windham The Governor  H Hashagen
      4 Sir William Mccaw  B Waters
    American Bred Mrs. D Fry
      1 Peglen Pilgrim  H Jebe/P Grapp
      2 Fair Oaks Viva Las Vegas  C Carl
      3 Block Island Manisses  L Cyr
      4 Castlekeep R Kipling  E Whitney/R Whitney/D Campbell
    Open BT Mrs. D Fry
      1 Wystar Rodeo Nite  P Curry/V Collins
      2 Lacanina Julius Africanus  V Schuler
      3 Taron Brandy Ricky  S Gamboni
    Open TRI Mrs. D Fry
      1 Amerigo Blue Suede Shoes  V Simpson RW
      2 Bombaski V.H. Lamslag  W Youngner
      3 Roi L Carte Blanche  J Cerulli/E Lessig
      4 Windmist The King Starbuck  M Valentine/S Dunn
    Open BLENHEIM Mrs. D Fry
      1 Cobalatino Romeo  M Warme BW, W
      2 Orchardhill Here For The Party  E Venier/R Venier
      3 Grantilley Glenfiddich  L ADAIR
      4 Moonvale Augustinian By Shenlyn  E OBRIEN
    Open RUBY Mrs. D Fry
      1 Tapestry Russet Fashioner  C Kusilek/J Cupery/R Stanton
      2 Kalidunn Hot Cinnamon Dollar  L Davis/A Dunn
      3 Shado Run Rush To Ministik  L Swatko
      4 Wystar Heart Of Glory  M Mulero/V Collins
  Bitches Mr. E E Bivin (115b 5 pts)
    Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. Mr. E E Bivin
      2 Ambleside Berwyn Dixie  L Reck/K Hill/J Sturman
      3 Kalais Lorna Doone At Polo Run  M Lilienthal/K Hess
      4 Cobb's Grand Entrance  L Cobb
    Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. Mr. E E Bivin
      1 Rivermoor Mary Rose  E Seidman
      2 Banner's Dreamaker  L Ziehm/A Howard
      3 Shirmont Birthday Trinket  S Henry/B Henry/B George
      4 Chanctonbury Clever Chloe  L Grootemaat/R Burdick
    12 - 18 Mos. Mr. E E Bivin
      1 Dunraven Night Lights  C Keenan
      2 Banner's Bells And Whistles  L Ziehm
      3 Jovan The Devil Wears Prada  C Lorditch
      4 Tmac Where's The Party  T Nelson
    Novice Mr. E E Bivin
      1 Charterwood Dream  M Anderson/D Campbell
    Bred By Exhibitor Mr. E E Bivin
      1 Kilbrook Ivy Green  J Opel RW
      2 Rutherford Therese  R Jones
      3 Chanctonbury Diva Darling  J Beck
      4 Banners Lucy In The Sky  L Ziehm/B Ziehm
    American Bred Mr. E E Bivin
      1 Felicity's Wicked  B Hill
      2 Banner's Gypsy At Claymoore  S Platt/M Gillogly
      3 Tansy Hill Jamcrofts Tra Lala  G Johnson/J Gates
      4 Caryse Baby Love  R Bruns/P Gonzales
    Open BT Mr. E E Bivin
      1 Roi L SHHH  W Nelson/E Lessig
      2 Kimark This Magic Moment  K Baillie/M Baillie
      3 Bryndael Celsiana At Carlen  C Close/G Close
    Open TRI Mr. E E Bivin
      1 Charterwood Blackberry  M Anderson/D Campbell
      3 Maramond Angelique  M Guimond
      4 Tapestry Nella Fantasia  C Kusilek/S Hitchcock
    Open BLENHEIM Mr. E E Bivin
      2 Charterwood Damask  M Anderson/D Campbell
      3 Leogem Rhumba  L Nikaci
      4 Sheeba Discover Betty Boop  M Gross/F Gross
    Open RUBY Mr. E E Bivin
      1 Kimark Mi Amor  K Baillie/M Baillie
      2 Plumridge Ruby Slippers  J Weise
      3 Taron Brandy Alexander  S Gamboni
      4 Wystar Queen's Timur Ruby  V Collins/P Curray
  Non-Reg Veteran, Dogs Mrs. D Fry
    Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9 Mrs. D Fry
      1 CH Shenandoah Danzig  G Schroeder/S Minetree
    Non-Reg Veteran VET10T13 Mrs. D Fry
      1 CH Taron Sir Lancelot At Captive Heart  J Casey/S Gamboni
      2 CH Mossdown Lionheart  D Dame
      3 CH Tansy Hill Music Man  K Galipeault
      4 CH Rutherford Denzil W  P Curry/L Hartshorne
  Non-Reg Veteran, Bitches Mr. E E Bivin
    Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9 Mr. E E Bivin
      1 CH Shenandoah Sundance  S Minetree
      2 CH Stuarthome English Ivy  R Bruns/K Yonkers-Wright
      4 CH Millhill Surtout  S Platt/M Gillogly
    Non-Reg Veteran VET12 Mr. E E Bivin
      1 CH Windsong Spring Forward  J Lyons
      2 CH Claddagh's Belle Carillon OA OAJ OAP OJP  P Doty
      3 CH Gray Stone Tinker Toy UD NAJ  E Wilson
      4 Chanctonbury Ivy  A Ruggeri/J Beck