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One-Stop Shop is the place to go to ensure you have what you need for National Week.  Event tickets. Reserved Seating and Grooming. Catalogs. Trophy sponsorships. And much, much more!

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Catalogs & Advertising
Reserved Seating
Reserved Grooming, Crates & Tables
Canine Good Citizen & Parades
Evening Events
Health Clinics
Raffles & Misc Items
RV Parking
Seminars & Education
Conformation Trophy Sponsorships

Top Awards
Regular Dog Classes
Regular Bitch Classes
Veterans Class
Junior Showmanship

Futurity Trophy Sponsorships
Sweepstakes Trophy Sponorships


Obedience & Rally Trophy Sponsorship

Obedience Day 1
Obedience Day 2
Rally Day 1

Rally Day 2