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Futurity Stakes is offered to encourage the breeding of the best possible Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and to reward breeders for their efforts. There will be 11 cash wins, with 3 individuals (breeder, owner and sire's owner) partaking of each for a total of 33 cash awards won by 8 different Cavaliers. 


Nominations to the Futurity are open only to breeders who are active members, in good standing, of the ACKCSC.1  The Dam of the litter must be nominated prior to the date of whelping, and must be owned, co-owned or leased by an ACKCSC member.1 The owner(s) of any eligible puppy, or the owner(s) of the sire are not required to be members.

To be eligible to compete in the Futurity, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel must meet the following requirements: (1) Be from a litter whose Dam was properly and timely nominated; (2) be individually nominated before it reached the age of four months;  (3) Be properly entered in one of the regular classes of the National Specialty and Obedience Trial; (4) Was not bred by or at any time owned, co-owned, or leased by that year's judge or a member of the judge's immediate family; and (5) Neither the Dam nor Sire of the puppy were bred by or at any time owned, co-owned or leased by that year's judge or member or the judge's immediate family. 

 1Active members  in good standing of  a Regional Cavalier Club which is a Member of the ACKCSC (not all regional clubs are ACKCSC member clubs. For a list of member clubs click here, member clubs have the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club logo) will also meet the requirements of Membership for purposes of Futurity.

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Judge:  Kim Baillie

Day: Monday, April 11

Rules & Eligibility:

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