ACKCSC Health Education Seminars cover contemporary topics related to Cavalier health and welfare, and are presented by authorities in their field.

The 2022 Health Education seminar will be presented by Leslie Slusher, PHD. The title of the Seminar is Health Tests 101: Genotypic Tests vs. Phenotypic Tests

Okay, you've done your health testing, but how do you incorporate that information to the fullest into your breeding program?

Health tests are important tools to any breeder and form the foundation of many breeding decisions. They can be divided into two general categories; genotypic health tests and phenotypic health tests. Understanding the difference between these two types of tests is critical to their most effective use. In this seminar, we will review each type of test, interpretation of the results and how to apply them to breeding decisions. Specifically, the tests most commonly used in Cavaliers will be reviewed to illustrate the concepts of gene inheritance, penetrance, and heritability. Included will be a discussion of the coefficient of inbreeding calculated from genomic data versus that calculated from pedigrees.

Lunch included.

Date: Tuesday, April 12