April 11, 2022 - April 15, 2022


 Get ready for some excitement!  The 2022 National Specialty will be hosted by the ACKCSC at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington, Ohio!

Please do not book through a 3rd party like Expedia or Orbitz. If you book through these sites we will not be able to help if any issues arise!

The ACKCSC is excited to hold it's 2022 National Specialty at the Roberts Centre.  This is a first-class venue with top of the line ring appointments, 50,000 sq. ft. of space which will allow us to host Agility, Rally & Obedience with its own special designated area, and newly renovated hotel.

It’s not just a dog show! It is a gathering of people interested in sustaining and improving the Cavalier, and in keeping educated and connected. National Week includes educational seminars, health screenings, social events, Charitable Trust and Rescue Trust fundraisers, with 5 days of Conformation, 2 days of Junior Showmanship, 2 days of indoor agility, 2 days of Obedience and 2 days of Rally competitions and also, 2 days of FAST CAT. If you love Cavaliers, you'll want to be part of the 2022 ACKCSC National Event.

Save the dates and plan to join us for the event in 2022!

More information - and video - about the hotel can be found under the venue tab. 


We are so excited to introduce you to Royal Canin Ring at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington, Ohio!  This venue has it all.

More information - and video - about the Centre and the adjacent Holiday Inn Hotel can be found under the venue tab. 

2022 will have both a National Specialty and an Independent Specialty hosted by the ACKCSC. Remember, we have no host club for the 2022 National, so we are counting on our members to participate!  Please let us know what you would like to help with by submitting the Volunteer Form under the Volunteers tab. 


It's going to be a great event - so bring your dog and let's have some FUN!

    • Dates:  April 11-15, 2022
    • Hotel & Show Site: The Roberts Centre & Adjacent Holiday Inn at Wilmington, Ohio
    • Hotel Reservations: Click This Link for the 2022 American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Show at Roberts Centre!
    • Hotel Reservation Deadline:  TBA
    • RV Parking – Yes, with full hookups ($40) and ($25) dry RV parking
    • Superintendent: BaRay Event Services
    • Show Secretary:  Elaine Challacombe
    • Entries Close: TBA
    • Show Chair:  Eileen Starks - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New!! Check out the fabulous agility photos on the Agility Page!!


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